Ashish Jain

Mr. Ashish Jain is a post graduate in Environmental Science and Founder Director of Indian Pollution Control Association (NGO), Director in RechMech Enviro Pvt. Ltd., Avasa Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Air Quality Management Services, Parshvi International, and Founding Member of Society for Indoor Environment and Clean Himalaya. HeĀ  has more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of Solid Waste Management, Air Pollution and Environment Education. His expertise lies in execution and planning of solid waste management project for town, cities, campus, industries, corporate, and institutes with an articulated environmental emphasis. His professional work encompasses introduction of new technologies related to waste minimization, community engagement, promotion of recycling, and explore sustainable solutions for healthy society.

He also possesses the research and development approach and inventor of Aerosol Destruction Machine for the safe disposal of Aerosol Bottle and has patent for the Wall Mounted Baler. He has also developed manual and electric baler for the waste traders in rural areas. He has done research work sick building syndrome of air tight building and vermicomposting technology at IIT Delhi. He has established air testing laboratory for monitoring indoor and ambient air quality and operating vermicomposting unit of 30 MT capacity in joint venture with Citizen Environment Improvement Society at Noida.

He has rich experience in recycling of all kind of waste including municipal solid waste, e-waste, and hazardous waste and developed a network of recyclers across the India. He works at grass root level with informal sector for the improvement of social and economic status of rag-pickers. He understand the entire supply chain of waste management from waste generator to recycler and disposal and his work has benefited many recyclers with respect to getting more and good quality waste materials for their industry.