Priyanka Kulshreshtha

Name: Dr.Priyanka Kulshreshtha

Position: Assistant Professor

Institution:  Lady Irwin College,Delhi University,New Delhi

Academic Qualifications: Post doc(Italy),Ph.D(Delhi University)

Key affiliations/memberships (Max 3):

1. Member, International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate(ISIAQ Member No-3834)

2. Life Member, Indian Society of Remote Sensing                                          

Key Research/Practice Areas (Max 3):Indoor air quality,Exposure assessment,Air quality monitoring

Key Projects (Max 3): UGC Major Research Project “Impact of Indoor Air Quality on the health of the families residing in the vicinity of commercial areas in Delhi City” from 2004-2007

Key Publications (Book, Articles (select 3)

  • Priyanka Kulshreshtha, Mukesh Khare and Premavathy Seetharaman (2008),“Indoor  air quality     assessment in urban slums of Delhi city, India”, Indoor air. Vol. 18(6), pp 488-498. Online ISSN: 1600-0668.
  • Priyanka Kulshreshtha and Mukesh Khare (2011),” Indoor exploratory analysis of gaseous pollutants and respirable particulate matter at residential homes of Delhi, India”, Atmospheric Pollution Research Vol 2,pp 337-350. ISSN: 1309-1042
  • Priyanka Kulshreshtha and Mukesh Khare , “Indoor air pollution and health- A health perspective.” ISBN : 978-3-639-26093-9,VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Germany. 2010.

Prominent Awards/Recognitions:

  • Awarded “GAURAVACHARYA” award  by National Institute for Education and Research on 27th Feb 2017.
  • Selected as  Early career Researcher in Researcher Links Scheme workshop under the Newton Fund , organized by British Council and  Royal Society of Chemistry, titled, “Urban Air Pollution in Indian and UK cities: Characterization and Prediction of Chemically Reactive Air Pollutants” held at IIT Delhi from 28th Nov 2016 to 1st Dec 2016.
  • National Merit Scholarship by Government of India – 1996-2001
  • U.P. Govt. award for securing 19th position at Intermediate (State Level) in the Merit list of Uttar Pradesh (India) in 1996

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