AIROTHON 2017-18

The deadly air pollution is not a problem restricted to Delhi-NCR or even to India's metros. It is a national problem that is killing 1.2 million Indians every year and costing the economy an estimated 3% of GDP. In 2016, severe air pollution has disrupted everyday life, especially during the winter. In 2015 air pollution (PM2.5) levels increased in a rapid manner overtaking even China. Even though pollution levels are increasing across the country, the emphasis so far has been on Delhi. India's air pollution has become a public health and economic crisis. There are increasing numbers of people who die prematurely every year with the increasing pollution levels.

2nd Edition of Air-O-Thon International Summit is an attempt to bring together all the stakeholders  & authorities from Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Central Pollution Control Board, Green Building Solution Providers, Healthcare Professionals, Automobile companies, Oil & Gas companies, Research Institutes, RWAs etc. to discuss the challenge and solution of the biggest Environment threat country is facing.

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