Proposed Activities

  • SIE is formed to bring behavioral change in the society toward sustainable environment by adopting appropriate tools and technologies and to achieve its aims and objectives
  • It will do multiple awareness program for the society with the help of educational institutes
  • It will conduct short term training programmes/modules at Institutional/Industry level for capacity building
  • SIE will seek support from research institutes and organization to develop sustainable and affordable technologies for build environment, which can reduce the exposure level
  • SIE will bring publications in the form of blogs, newsletters, article, research papers, and books to disseminate right knowledge and information among the different stakeholders
  • SIE will support Govt. and Policy makers in drafting guidelines and standards for indoor environment and work as watchdog for rightly implementation of guidelines and policies
  • SIE will organize the conferences/workshops/seminars to create the network of people and to bring all the stakeholders at the common platform to discuss the issues of indoor environment and to find out sustainable solutions for them